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A special gift with the Nobel giftcard

Giftcards from Nobel are for each amount of money to fill in. We are happy to serve your gift voucher (s). Gift vouchers are sent in a Nobel gift envelope along with our brochure.

How quickly did you your Nobel gift voucher at home?

Once your order with us we will send you by email our invoice. As soon as the payment is processed (once a week) we will send you this. We inform you that the processing, transmission and receipt of the giftcards may take two weeks.A time limit for forwarding unfortunately can never be guaranteed by us.

You can also giftcards picked up from our hotel reception, this is possible on weekdays from 09:00 to 17:00.

Note: the money value of the voucher does not expire. It is not possible to refund giftcards in money. Giftcard are redeemable in our hotel, restaurant and liquor store.

Your gift voucher will be sent by registered mail,the costs a €6,95 are at your charge.

At a giftcard under the €100,00.- we charge €5,00,- administration costs.

With the order form below you ordered easily and quickly your Nobel giftcard(s).



Receiver information

Vul hieronder de gegevens in van de ontvanger van de cadeaubon. Indien de cadeaubon naar uw eigen adres verstuurd moet worden kunt u onderstaande velden leeg laten.